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Here is a little Kontakt library based on the best Mellotron samples I’ve heard yet. What makes them so great? They are pure and unedited transfers with crackles, hum and some weird endings. No remastered, all-dressed-up here. Then you can play mixing engineer and clean up your recordings!

These samples were generously approved for use by taijiguy, who recorded them himself.

Link to the original samples:

If you would like to buy me a beer, click:

What’s new in 1.2:

-You can now choose ‘LAS Mode’ in the menu. This activates the ‘Looped and Stretched’ set. Infinite sustain and 4 whole octaves of Mellotron goodness! ‘Normal’ is for the purists who just want the original ~8-sec, 3 1/12 octave set.
-‘Random Pan’. Pushing this down makes individual notes play randomly all over the stereo field. Great for big chords! This works in both normal and LAS mode.

Link to the Kontakt library:


Leisureland Mellotron

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7 responses to “Leisureland Mellotron for Kontakt

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  1. Great patches! One small note — the mellotron woodwind2 patch seems to call for additional samples that aren’t included in the Leisureland download file (Kontakt gives a missing samples dialog)

  2. This was fixed. The samples I had when I made it were older and had different names. If your download doesn’t say 1.1, redownload to fix the issue. Soon I’ll post a link to the whole package, including NKIs and WAVs. This was approved by the man who sampled the mellotron himself. Stay tuned..

  3. OK, they sound great but if you are going to tell people that they are good for mac too then you need to give us a workaround to get the library installed. I can’t even load an NKI, just a wav.

  4. Hi, I’m sorry in advance about the question, but how do you add the files that can be visible on the library boxon the left?

  5. Oh boy! Thanks & God Bless. ^5
    ~Bro. Charles

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  7. I had great expectations, but with Kontakt2 on Mac osX 10.4 all I could obtain was “the patch could not be loaded”… nothing works.

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