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Fairlight CMI IIxDisk Box

Here we have the complete Fairlight CMI IIX library all ready to be loaded in Kontakt. For those unaware, the Fairlight was the mother of all samplers with 8-note polyphony, 16 kB of memory, sequencer and MIDI, it was a complete workstation that offered ways to produce sounds unheard before.

Some notable users include Art Of Noise, Peter Gabriel, Jan Hammer, Jean-Michel Jarre, Nick Rhodes of Duran Duran among others. Here’s some links of interest:


The Holmes Page: Nice examples that show how the Fairlight sounds

Vintage Synth Explorer

This library is a 152MB download (470MB uncompressed), and it includes 502 nki patches with precise looping where applicable, 1,001 16/44 MONO WAV samples, and some custom scripting to allow the control of the low-pass filter, bit crusher, mono with unison and portamento, and all can be switched off to completely bypass them. These samples and patches are undressed, raw, aliased and warmly old-school. They were recorded from the original factory floppies and from the output of an actual Fairlight by Rob Brady. Here’s some caps showing the faceplates and categories for the sounds:

Faceplate 1

Faceplate 2


Even thought this is been offered for free, I would gladly accept donations. As you can imagine, it took endless hours of looping, editing an pasting code into 502 NKIs. So if you find this useful, please click on the button:

I would also appreciate any comments, suggestions, bug reports, marriage proposals or death threats. If you happen to use these sounds in a song, I’d love to take a listen too.

And now without further ado, the download link:



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37 responses to “Fairlight CMI IIx for Kontakt

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  2. No library found… I need some help!

    • In the resources files, use the file name EDITME addlibrary.txt. Follow these instructions and make your modification in this files. At the end rename the .txt by .reg and double clic it!

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  4. I cant activate the library!

  5. I got the library to add on the left side but it still has that Activate button. But it still won’t work at all since when I try to load a patch either via the left side panel of Kontakt (Library View) or by the nki file, it gives me the error, ‘This patch could not be loaded Unknown Error’.

  6. anyone find a solution?

  7. evem for me, This patch could not be loaded (Unknown Error)

  8. I´m using a Intel iMac OSX 10.6.8 Logic 9 and Kontakt 5. How can I integrate the Fairlight CMI Library into my Kontakt 5?

  9. I´m using a Intel iMac OSX 10.6.8 Logic 9 and Kontakt 5. How can I integrate the Fairlight CMI Library into my Kontakt 5?

  10. Great library, fairlight ftw!
    Good job fabel2112, looking forward to see more similar products from you.

    For those who have Kontakt 5 – it won’t load as library but you may load .nki presets manually via “Files” category in kontakt.

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  12. I haven’t tried this solution yet but apparently it IS possible to make a library for Kontakt 5


  13. I just followed the instructions for making a library for Kontakt 5 (see my previous post) and it worked perfectly fine.

    Extremely convenient.

  14. Hi… Not english speaking… What do you mean by “Open Terminal and execute these lines”? What is the “Terminal”? and how do I make him execute a line? Sorry I’m a beginner…

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  16. hi,
    any possibility to have this as a sampletank library or in sfz format? can it be converted?

  17. Link down.

  18. Mediafire block split files Please fix it!

  19. To workaround the mediafire block, just create an account and choose “save to my files” then download them from there 🙂 Just did that and it worked like a charm 🙂

  20. Mhhh… tried to download, but there are only part 3 and 4 of the supposed files (even I get a message of “corrupted” file when I try to unrar).

  21. Alas it seems parts 1 and 2 are missing.

  22. Same problem. Parts 1 and 2 are missing. Shame 😦

  23. dear friend , please re upload your parts!!

  24. oh please do

  25. PLEASE!!! I Have been looking for this for a long time. Please re-post parts 1 & 2!!

  26. Yes, parts 1 and 2 of the .RAR appear to be missing. Maybe someone can host it on a better site where it doesn’t have to be broken into multiple parts.

  27. oh God! please re-upload!!!

  28. I’m moving the site. Go here for links: http://fabel2112.synthpop.com/

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  30. Greetings and Thank you for your generosity !
    Are there only parts 3 and 4 ?
    No parts 1 and 2 ?
    Best regards.

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