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Groovy ChildOriginal Hardware

Here’s version 2 of the acclaimed Groovy Tunes instrument for Kontakt. The original hardware Groovy Tunes (GT) is the secret weapon of many top artists (which ones is a secret too). Here I did my best to capture the power of this awesome machine. I wanted to really represent it’s essence, so I decided to record it with a microphone (also it doesn’t have a line-out), so that means there might be some key and/or surrounding noises, which are essential for realism. All eight glorious instruments were chromatically sampled and looped where applicable and release times matched. Some additional effects were added to help you sound like your favorite artist. Solve the age-old mystery: Are Bell and Music Box the same sound? There is also a helpful map of the percussion layout on the second panel. A spiral bound version is available upon request.

Faceplate 1

Faceplate 2

What’s new in version 2.1

-Beats can now be played (C1-G1) together with the ‘normal’ instruments. GT now has all the workstation capabilities of the original.

What’s new in version 2:

-All instruments were combined into one NKI with a menu to select between sounds. Make sure you have at least 48MB of RAM!

-Amp envelope, chorus, delay and reverb effects added. Disabling the envelope engages each instrument’s individual envelope, which matches the hardware’s performance.

-Skin that faithfully recreates the original’s look. You’ll feel like you’re playing the real thing!

-The word ‘Is’ was added to all effect buttons for clarity.

-Percussion and sound effect pads mapping chart. You won’t spend endless nights programming your beats anymore!

-Photo of Groovy Child on faceplate.

-Samples are now losslessly compressed and about 20MB were gained. You’re welcome.

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And the download link:

And Groovy Child again:

Groovy Child

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Leisureland Mellotron for Kontakt   7 comments


Here is a little Kontakt library based on the best Mellotron samples I’ve heard yet. What makes them so great? They are pure and unedited transfers with crackles, hum and some weird endings. No remastered, all-dressed-up here. Then you can play mixing engineer and clean up your recordings!

These samples were generously approved for use by taijiguy, who recorded them himself.

Link to the original samples:

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What’s new in 1.2:

-You can now choose ‘LAS Mode’ in the menu. This activates the ‘Looped and Stretched’ set. Infinite sustain and 4 whole octaves of Mellotron goodness! ‘Normal’ is for the purists who just want the original ~8-sec, 3 1/12 octave set.
-‘Random Pan’. Pushing this down makes individual notes play randomly all over the stereo field. Great for big chords! This works in both normal and LAS mode.

Link to the Kontakt library:


Leisureland Mellotron

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Fairlight CMI IIx for Kontakt   37 comments

Fairlight CMI IIxDisk Box

Here we have the complete Fairlight CMI IIX library all ready to be loaded in Kontakt. For those unaware, the Fairlight was the mother of all samplers with 8-note polyphony, 16 kB of memory, sequencer and MIDI, it was a complete workstation that offered ways to produce sounds unheard before.

Some notable users include Art Of Noise, Peter Gabriel, Jan Hammer, Jean-Michel Jarre, Nick Rhodes of Duran Duran among others. Here’s some links of interest:


The Holmes Page: Nice examples that show how the Fairlight sounds

Vintage Synth Explorer

This library is a 152MB download (470MB uncompressed), and it includes 502 nki patches with precise looping where applicable, 1,001 16/44 MONO WAV samples, and some custom scripting to allow the control of the low-pass filter, bit crusher, mono with unison and portamento, and all can be switched off to completely bypass them. These samples and patches are undressed, raw, aliased and warmly old-school. They were recorded from the original factory floppies and from the output of an actual Fairlight by Rob Brady. Here’s some caps showing the faceplates and categories for the sounds:

Faceplate 1

Faceplate 2


Even thought this is been offered for free, I would gladly accept donations. As you can imagine, it took endless hours of looping, editing an pasting code into 502 NKIs. So if you find this useful, please click on the button:

I would also appreciate any comments, suggestions, bug reports, marriage proposals or death threats. If you happen to use these sounds in a song, I’d love to take a listen too.

And now without further ado, the download link:


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Hello world!   4 comments

Hello world!

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